who we are

With 16 years of industry experience, Window Plus (EA) ltd has built a forte in supply and Installation of window blinds and window films for commercial and residential  buildings.

We take pride in being an approved distributor of the widely acclaimed 3M window film products in the East African region. We partner with experts in the construction industry. For example:

  1. Contractual workers.
  2. Quantity surveyors
  3. Interior designers
  4. Architects
  5. Service engineers
  6. Property managers.

3mTM company

Our window film products are made by 3MTM Company, a multi-billion global innovation company with enhanced Technology.

3MTM has dedicated the last 50 years in innovating and improving window films. Over years, window films’ solutions have consistently and effectively resolved people’s concerns about excessive heat, energy savings, occupant’s comfort & increased privacy, UV protection, a faded interior, glare and security. 3MTM Company knows the importance of having a great quality product, delivered on time, every time. As authorized dealer of window films products, we do immensely appreciate the demands and positive feedback from our clients.


Window Plus (E.A) Ltd aims to add functional value and contemporary style to windows, glass and walls.


To be the leading provider of interior décor materials in East Africa.

Why choose us?

We supply world-class window blinds and films
We consistently provide our clients with the highest quality window blinds and films in the shortest amount of time.

Exceptional support in measuring & Installation of window blinds and films
Window blinds and films can be tricky to measure and install. Every window is different, and the slightest errors of judgment can impact greatly on the final window furnishing product. Our highly trained technicians are ready to meet with you in your home/office at your convenience; to provide necessary support to ensure superior quality workmanship.

We offer full support to our clients
At the point when selecting glass solutions, it may get a bit confusing with so many items to select from. We listen to your requirements, help you comprehend your alternatives and endeavor to locate the right solution to match your financial plan. Our talented team works collaboratively with our clients. We take pride in surpassing the desires of our clients.

Quality Service is our Tradition
Our dedication to nurture strong client relationship builds up the trust and quality you expect from a market leader.