With Window Plus decorative films, you can achieve the beauty of a well-designed glass without its permanency. Our decorative films are modern solutions thoughtfully curated to fuel any graphic imagination and style. On interior glass partitions and doors, decorative films transform plain glass to stylish décor with varying degrees of transparency and privacy. Explore your options to find window plus decorative film that is an ideal complement to your office and home.

Planning to upgrade the glazing in your office or home? Windows Plus can supply a wide range of decorative films to meet your taste and budget. Our decorative film designs come in three main categories:

  • Plain film – They have a smooth texture and completely obscure your-and everyone else’s view through the window regardless of lighting conditions and which side of the glass you are on. We have whiteout and blackout films.
  • Embossed film – These are imprinted with different designs giving out an outstanding decorative look. We have stained film, honey cell prints, medium frosted squares, regimental bars, dotted circles among others
  • Matte film – They have a translucent appearance that obscures clear views while allowing natural light to filter through. We have sparkle matte, sparkle HP and white matte.

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We offer a comprehensive rage of window blinds and films customized to suit our client's needs